"How to Attract All the New
You Can Handle...

And Turn Your Sales, Coaching, Consulting, Speaking, Training, or
Any Other Service-Based Business Into a Money-Making Machine!

   See proof below!  

Discover a simple system others have already tested and proven to:

  • Generate huge profit windfalls fast and make $20,000 - and even as much as $100,000 in a single weekend with just one of the new strategies you are about to learn.
  • Make your business profitable in record time; generate hot leads, turn prospects into paid clients, and deposit money in the bank in as little as one to two weeks - starting from scratch!

  • Attract more and better clients - clients who stay active longer, buy more often, and are willing to pay more for your services - even if you double your current fees!

Plus, you'll find out how to:

  • Find, evaluate, and quickly penetrate a lucrative segment of the market - a niche - where you can position yourself as the ultimate "go-to" expert and have all the clients you want come to you!

  • Easily follow a proven blueprint to develop and sell your own money-making information products - even if you're starting from scratch and have a limited budget!

  • Turn your website into a "traffic magnet" that effortlessly generates leads and sales every day - even when you're are on vacation!

By the time you finish reading this letter, you'll be well on your way to transform your
so-so business into one with all the clients, money, time, and freedom you want!

I should know... I did exactly that eight years ago and that's why I'm telling you this now...

From Adam Urbanski

Over the past 11 years I've transformed my small business consulting, training and speaking business into a million dollar information marketing and coaching empire that's nearly 100% recession proof! In the process, I've helped many of my clients achieve similar results.

And now I'm so fed up with all the doom and gloom news spread by the mass media, and the confusing and downright misleading information so often peddled as "expert advice" online that I decided to share with you - right here and right now - how to add thousands of dollars in new income to your service business!

Let Me Share With You How My Clients and I Are
Making $10,000 to $100,000 a Month in Extra
Profits Right Now - Despite the Weak Economy!

Here is a quick story...

During the peak of financial crises (when people's credit cards were being revoked or their limits cut in half!)  I was spending two days with members of my Platinum Mastermind. We were strategizing how they could create explosive growth in their businesses quickly and despite the weak economy.

Every single participant was planning to at least double their business in 12 months using the strategies I will show you here... (UPDATE - almost every single one of them DID MEET THEIR GOAL - some did even better!)

As we were parting our ways on Friday night I challenged them.

I offered a free in-depth sales letter critique (a perk worth $5,000!) for the person who generates the most profits in just two days - by Monday noon - using the ideas I just shared with them to launch a new product or program!

Several clients stepped up to the challenge. Here are a few notes two people sent me via Twitter... Check this out!

I underlined in RED the dollar amounts and dates... So you can clearly
see this was generated over just one weekend. One day actually!

Donna Kozik, who teaches professionals how to write their own book in just one weekend, launched a new program and generated $8,049! In one weekend! With a couple of emails! OUT OF THIN AIR! (Ha, take that "recession gods!)
And she started with a very, very small list (less than 300 people at that time.)

A coach makes $18,000 in one day - with one teleseminar!  

Here is another case study...

Same situation here - I used RED to highlight the dollar amounts and dates!

Suzanne Evans works with people who make their living by "saving the world": therapists, life coaches, holistic healers, etc. These people typically don't have big incomes and don't invest much in expensive training programs...

Still, Suzanne generated more than $18,000 that weekend! And that was only a couple of weeks after she brought in $18,000 with just one teleseminar with another program! (Another update: Suzanne has since turned her business into a multi-million dollar success - in less than two years!)

You have to read this picture from bottom to top to get the right flow of these Twitter direct
Messages Suzanne sent me... And yes, you are reading it right -
that's $18K in just one day!

At the time Suzanne was working in her business part time and her list was less than 300 people!

WHY This Is Really Important To YOU. . .  

I could be telling you how my business is making me millions. But frankly - who cares?! What really matters is if the strategies I will show you CAN BE SUCCESSFULLY DUPLICATED and if they will work for YOU! And the answer is absolutely YES!

And I'm still not done...

After that "weekend challenge" I asked folks who participated to send me an update on what were their NEW PROGRAMS sales totals in January (yes, it was this January'09, right dead smack in the middle of government and media groaning and moaning how bad things are in this country and in the midst of supposedly the worst credit crunch in history... You may recall all the major media outlets running stories how people's credit card limits were slashed (maybe it happened to you?) Anyway...

I got two emails back... From Donna Kozik and Robert Schultz... Just read them...

Just like before, I highlighter in RED the dollar amounts and the dates.
And I had to black out some private info - of course you understand that.

A life coach and her business partner knock it out of the
park and bring in $146,069 with a new coaching program!

OK, full disclosure here. Mary Allen and her partner had to work day a month for six months delivering this new program to their clients. And they didn't start from a complete stand still. They both had visibility in their niches
and had decent size email lists.

But the program they launched was brand new for them. They were NOT considered experts on this particular topic.

When Mary asked me for help with launching this I really ONLY offered four or five tweaks. But those tweaks made the program more attractive, more credible and more sellable!

The biggest secret that most people miss completely - is ESTABLISHING CREDIBILITY and BELIEVABILITY with your customers. If people don't
believe you and don't trust you - they won't buy from you! Period!

I shared with Mary ONE TIP to make her new program INSTANTLY CREDIBLE! It make a HUGE DIFFERENCE and she couldn't believe how easy it was to implement (and it didn't cost a penny!) 

Listen to Mary tell her story...

"I brought in $14,226 in just 3 weeks and then
$146,069 more for a brand new program!"

Listen to Mary

I've been a well-respected and highly successful life coach for 10 years. Yet, I avoided internet marketing strategies like "the plague" because I did NOT want to be "one of those hypey marketers. But, I knew I wasn't reaping the financial rewards for all my hard work and wanted to impact even more lives.

With Adam's coaching and simple ideas, I adjusted one of my marketing strategies and earned $14,226 in just 3 weeks.

But, that was just the beginning. I'm happy to report, my business partner and I brought in $146,069 for a brand new program that began just four months later!

Just now wishing I would've applied Adam's tips and strategies sooner.

Mary Allen, Life Balance Coach




"Adam finally taught me how
to make really great money. I
had my best month ever while
working only nine days!"

A social media marketing consultant brings in $30,000 in new sales - in the slowest month of
the year and while working only 9 days!

Nancy Marmolejo is an amazing strategist. She can zero in, and bring to life, her client's profitable essence with laser precision and supersonic speed. Still, her income didn't match her brilliance.

If you want to quickly attract more clients and increase your
income your must learn to develop IRRESISTIBLE OFFERS!

With just a few small tweaks I helped Nancy develop a clear sales strategy and package her many programs differently to create what I call an "irresistible offer". A few days later she had a record month - making more money than in the previous three months combined - while working only nine days!

And here is another update from Nancy I received a couple of months ago...

I'm not showing you this to brag, but for TWO VERY IMPORTANT REASONS. . .

One, I wanted to get your attention! And two, I wanted you to suspend your disbelief!

Look, if you are not making at least a $100,000 to $250,000 from your business right now, and if your business is not growing at a rate of at least 25% per year (that's a bare minimum) it's only because you either don't care about your business and your customers, or you don't know how to market yourself more effectively.

I hope it's the latter - and I can help you fix that!

I know you are skeptical. Maybe even down right scared about how your business will make it in this weird economy. And, unless you have been reading my marketing newsletters for a while you probably don't know much about me and don't even trust that anything I'm telling you is true. That's normal!

Let me tell you something funny. 10 years ago, when I first became interested in selling my services online and wanted to get started with information marketing, the two first names of marketing teachers I came across were Cori Rudl and Armand Morin. As I was reading their stories and how much money they claimed to make online I didn't believe any of it! In fact, I thought their names were fake! I remember telling my wife that I wanted to invest in some of their programs but I was afraid that I might get ripped off and that those people aren't for real!

I am so glad I decided otherwise! And you will be too!

As you can see, generating a lot of money very fast is possible - and it's
simpler and easier than you imagine - if YOU KNOW EXACTLY HOW TO DO IT!

So, do I have your attention now? Then let me tell you a little bit about who I am and why I am so sure I can help you get started with building a super-successful information marketing business of your own!

But first, in case you are still skeptical, here are a few more stories my clients send me all the time!

"$11,900.00 in new sales in one month!"

Listen to Robert

I always received terrific feedback on my info products and teleseminars. But, I was really struggling to generate the sales I knew these products were worthy of. But early in the Navigator Program Adam introduced something called the Profit Explosion. In most seminars you hear the same old recycled you know what. But this was something completely fresh and unique! Even better -- I realized it's the way most successful entrepreneurs build their businesses!

Not only did Adam reveal this amazing secret to quickly jump-start our profit engine, he showed how any of us could pull it off. So I gave it a shot -- and generated over $11,900 in sales over the space of a month for a product that didn't even exist (not even as an idea) just a few months before!

Adam's genius is articulating powerful business fundamentals (not the here today, gone tomorrow stuff), in a way that is fresh, compelling and clear enough so you can actually make it happen!

And the best part . . . I know that 11 grand is just the beginning. I will be making money from what I learned from Adam years and years from now!

Robert Schultz,



"I made over $20,000 in one month with my new program"

Listen to Karen

Before I took this workshop, I was struggling with several ideas for e-books and audio programs but I just didn't know how to get started and how to narrow my ideas into one solid product.

Adam shared with us a simple, step-by-step system to research, develop, create and market an info-product! Within two weeks of taking the training I used the process we learned in class to create my first e-book.

With my e-book I was able to generate students for my Family Coach Certification Training Program and made over $20,000 in November.

If you have ideas and inspirations but don't know where to start, this training will give you all the information you need to get started making money doing the work you love.

Karen Curry, EFT Coach



"I made $9,000 in sales in one week!"

Listen to James

If it wasn't for Adam I don't think I would be where I'm with my business because I really knew nothing about it - and that was just a year and half ago.

And just the other week I made $9,000 in sales in one week alone! And I owe a lot of this to how Adam has mentored me.

James Roche



"Adam gave me a step-by-step system... I used it and just made $5,000 in my very first attempt at online sales"


Adam, last month I used one piece of your ACLC Boot Camp -- the sales letter guidelines -- and just made nearly $5,000 with my very first attempt at online sales. And I haven't even presented the upsell yet, which could easily double that number!

I would have been totally lost without your guidance.

Thank you for giving me the knowledge and confidence to get my business up and running smoothly."

Sean Smith, Motivational Speaker




An important message from the messy desk of:
Adam Urbanski, Irvine, Orange County, California

Dear Colleague,

13 years ago I was struggling to get a few decent clients a month and wasn't making a penny online. Even though I've build a successful, multi-million dollar business before (starting with only $194!) this time I was frustrated, overwhelmed and down-right discouraged by mediocre results I was getting from all my marketing efforts.

Things just weren't working for me. I wished I had a better way to consistently attract more new clients. I knew I wanted to charge more for what I did, but the clients I worked with weren't willing to pay me a penny more (or so I thought!)

I'm embarrassed to admit that I paid over $4,000 to have my first website built for me but I wasn't getting a single client from it (now almost 100% of my clients come from my strong online marketing.)

You know what was most frustrating? It was the feeling that I'm being left behind. I watched as some of my colleagues made piles of money effortlessly. They moved forward with their businesses with a lightening speed; cashing in on books, CDs, workshops, and all the individual clients they wanted.

Was it because they were smarter or worked harder? Nah!!! In fact - I knew I worked harder than many of them - but I still wasn't getting ahead! And I also noticed that...

Why most Coaches, Consultants, and other Service Professionals
don't earn nearly as much as they would like to. . .



The FOUR TRUTHS about marketing and selling professional services:

1. Most coaches and consultants recognize the importance of marketing their services, but they feel uncomfortable about anything that even remotely hints at “selling” and consider it "unprofessional"!

2. Despite having in-depth training and excellent technical knowledge and getting paid high rates for their skills most consultants and coaches still live paycheck to paycheck and constantly worry about securing the next paying client.

3. Colleges, professional training schools, and trade associations teach service professionals the WRONG APPROACH TO BUSINESS - that the key to success is having the best skills possible -- and completely ignore the subject of marketing and business development!

4. The recent onslaught of books, courses, teleseminars, and even expensive seminars teaching marketing developed by the so-called “experts” are weak at best.
They provide only superficial information, a few fragmented “what to do” tips” with no specific “here is how to do it” information.

In fact, the vast majority of coaches and consultants struggle to make ends meet. Funny thing is, when I talk to these professionals they are always baffled why their business are doing so poorly.

You see, you may be one heck of a coach or consultant but that alone will not fill your practice! Because it doesn't matter how great your technical skills are or how effective your program is. If you can't persuade people to buy your services your practice will dry out and die!

But the problems is for most service professionals just the thought of marketing and selling their services sends cold chills down their spine.

It's not your fault! I blame the industry myths and lies...

And I knew there must be a better way!

I've found a better way to
success in this business...

That's why I'm writing this letter. I want to be an advocate for you. A trusted friend who lends a helping hand. Look, I have the same frustrations in business as you do. The difference between us is, I've found a solution to the common problem...

Now imagine this

The solution is actually
easier than you think!

Imagine you find a way to attract all the new clients you want, increase the overall profitability of your business, and still remain the ultimate professional - actually even increase your expert status and recognition - all with one simple solution.

Imagine... you could ditch all the disjointed sales and marketing gimmicks that don't work, and use a simple, coherent strategy that gets you a steady stream of new clients and makes you money online -- month after month -- with less and less effort!

The secret to building a thriving consulting or coaching
business is to have an

Then I finally figured it out one day! It wasn't about having an expensive brochure, the most flashy website, or an ezine, or blog, or writing articles, or speaking, or being the greatest consultant, or author, or coach in my field...


I will show you the exact steps I took to transform
my business...


When I discovered it was about connecting the dots into one, simple to follow SYSTEM - magic began to happen!

I'll show you the same system I've used to turn my business from starving for the next client to now turning clients away.

And I will guide you through each implementation step so you can stop wasting time money buying all those e-books and tools you never end up using anyway, and start happily checking your emails to see how many of your own info-products have sold each and every day!

How to make $500 or more per hour,
$25,000 per day, and even as much as
$250,000 in a single weekend . . .

The strategies I will teach you are incredibly effective. I've tested them in my business and with hundreds of clients and thousands of students. They cost little or nothing to implement, are easy to learn, and work very fast! Obviously, ultimately your results will depend on your willingness and ability to implement what I will teach you and the type of business you are in.

So while I can't promise you overnight riches with no work, I can tell you exactly what I did to make results like these happen for me:

  • I got paid $1,800 to work for 3 hours and record my first information product - which I still sell today for $97!
  • Turned my coaching into a 90-day group program I sold for $995 per person and now worked with 12 people all at once!
  • Put together a 2-day program, made $4,425 right away and created another home-study-course I now sell for $295!
  • I doubled my private consulting rates three times in the last three years and still have more potential clients than I can handle - so I can choose to only work with people I like!
  • I created a group coaching program that paid me $25,000 each month for about 10 hours of work..
  • Several times a year I generate $250,000 to $500,000 in sales in just one weekend (or over a few week days)  by leveraging the power of the blueprint I now follow to create fast PROFIT EXPLOSION. (I will tell you more about this formula in a moment.)
  • In 2009, I took almost three months off, including a five week vacation in Europe, and I doubled my business at the same time - during the worst economic meltdown in the recent history!

And that's just the tip of the iceberg - this list goes on and on...  

Now, let me ask you a question:

Would YOU like to take nice vacations, fire
your 'pain-in-the-butt-less-than-ideal' clients
and make a few thousand dollars extra
every month without leaving your home?

I now work from home and almost never meet clients at their location - so I can see my two "little" girls right before and after school. And have breakfast, lunch, and dinner with my family every day!

Plus, we now take nice vacations and spend even more time together in exotic locations, like the tropics of Hawaii or Mexico.

And we don't just go for a 4-day weekend! For example, last August we took the whole month to tour Europe, visiting Poland, Paris, Greek Island Rhodos, and many other exciting places!

I'm sharing these photos of my office with you NOT to brag, but because you may not have heard about me before and now you can see for yourself that I'm for real! I've been doing this for a long time and plan to be around for even longer.

That's not a pipe-dream. My clients have done this. And now you can do it too! How do I know? Because it takes no special skills. You don't need to be a genius, a whiz-writer or speaker, or a total "brainiac"!


If you are willing to learn my system and can follow simple directions - that's all you really need.


Because of my training my clients and students now
generate millions of dollars in extra profits each year!

Now I can almost hear you say... 

"Hey Adam, that's good for you, but . . .  but . . . but . . .  will your system work for me?"

That's a very valid question. Because the way to evaluate any training is by results other people have gotten from using it. And I mean regular people - not gurus who already had a great business to begin with!

You will be happy to know that my clients and students are generating millions of dollars in additional profits each and every year because of my training.

I've now worked with hundreds of clients one-on-one. Thousands more become my students every year through my home-study-courses, teleseminars and boot camps.


"In fact, many of today's popular six and seven figure coaches, consultants, and marketing experts happily invest in my programs and publicly thank me For their success.  Here are their reasons WHY they do it..."

Since I started working with coaches and consultants a decade ago, I have worked with hundreds of new and established experts who come to me to help them build their credibility, turn them into recognized "gurus", systemize and automate their marketing to attract more clients, and generate more profits faster and with less effort.

Here are a stories from just a few of them... 

"I got step-by-step system that consistently automated my marketing and put me on the
path to making 7-figures a year"



"Adam got me to think bigger, focus on the fastest way to the cash, and doubled my business
in only seven months
! "


"I went from making $2,000 a month to $10,000 a month and on track for mid six figures because Adam gave me all the WHY, the WHAT, and the HOW to do it!"



"Adam gave me a step by step approach to get my message out and I jumped from just generating a $1,000 a month to way over six figures in only 9 months!"



"I made $123,000.00 in six weeks and I started with no product and no list!"



"I made $100,000 in one weekend - then took three months off!"

Listen to Arvee

I made so much money in one weekend that I took 3 months off! Yes, you heard right. After implementing just one idea that I learned from Adam's workshop I made over $100,000 in one weekend!

That is more than I made the previous 2 years combined. Adam is a marketing genius! All you have to do to grow your business is to do whatever he says and act at the speed of instruction. Thank you Adam for sharing your money making knowledge!

Arvee Robinson, Speaking Coach



"$7,210 in just over two months; it has been, hands
down, the most profitable decision I've ever made!"

Listen to Donna

I've been a big fan of Adam ever since I heard him describe the formula for his 'edumercial,' which I think is brilliant and have used time and time again to great success.

I especially like how Adam doesn't hold back on information—he gives the why's, the what's and the how's, focusing more on sharing information rather than how he can up-sell me on some other product.

Actually, I didn't even need to hear a 'pitch' to work with Adam--as soon as his Navigator program was announced, I joined immediately knowing it was the opportunity of a lifetime—it has been, hands down, the most profitable decision I've ever made.

By following Adam's online marketing insights and implementing his 'action items,' I created my ‘Write a Book in a Weekend' program for coaches and entrepreneurs and generated $7,210 in two months--and expect to add several more zeroes to that number in the coming year!

Although I'm taking the action, it's Adam and Navigator providing the direction about 'what to do next' to generate such profit explosions. If you are looking for a leader to show you the way through the maze of online marketing to actually "making money" success, then you definitely want to follow Adam Urbanski.

Donna Kozik, Write-Your-Book-In-A-Weekend Coach

Update from Donna: She's on track for making $500,000 this year!



"I doubled my revenue and now make money when I sleep!"

Listen to Biba

Thanks to Adam, I now make money even when I sleep and using only 2 of his techniques I doubled my revenue.

First, with the changes I made to my website my newsletter opt-ins have immediately gone up by 30%. Second, I learned how to create a product and now sell it online, which doubled my revenue. Adam's techniques are easy to implement and made a big difference in my business.

Biba Pedron, International Business Consultant & Coach



"One Idea Generated $5,000 in New Business;
a 25:1 Return on Investment!"

Listen to Allan

Adam's Attract Clients Like Crazy course introduced me to a completely different way of viewing my law practice. One example: changing my view from that of a freelancer who "trades hours for dollars" to a business owner.

.... The first strategy I used generated approximately $5000 of new business after two issues (roughly 25:1 return on investment, which, as my grandmother might've said, is not too shabby).

This one technique has also played a leading role in a significant increase in the number of referrals, leads and prospects.

Along with the substance, I appreciate Adam's engaging style and his impressively well-organized presentation.

Allan Pearlman, Tax Attorney



""I Raised My Rates and Landed Four
New Projects
in Two Weeks!""

Listen to Michele

I'm a copywriter/marketing consultant who had been "stuck" for over 5 years. I felt like I was working way too hard and didn't have anything to show for it.

One piece of advice Adam gave me completely turned around my business. I was able to raise my rates and close 4 projects in two weeks at my higher rate.

My business is finally growing the way I always dreamed it would.

Michele Pariza-Wacek, Marketing Consultant & Copywriter



"I raised my rates 600% and convert more leads!"

Listen to Lisa

When I first started my coaching practice, I spent thousands of dollars on all the latest marketing programs and info-products and so I was armed with a lot of knowledge --but still didn't realize that a bit part of my problem was that I wasn't properly valuing the services that I provided.

Working with Adam brought me to a huge aha! moment, because he taught me how to package and place a higher numerical value on my expertise. Once I implemented Adam's strategies, I began to confidently create quality products and programs that enabled me to raise my rates by 6x their original price, and convert a higher percentage of leads.

I finally have built the practice of my dreams and am now mentoring other coaches and solo professionals on how to do the same! It's been wonderful to finally contribute to the wealth of my family and to also spend more quality time with my three daughters and hubby Deric. Thanks Adam!

Lisa Angelettie, Business and Life Coach




Who should take this training and how do you qualify to participate?

This Marketing and Money Making System is designed for service professional and founders and owners of service-based businesses.

Here are just some of the industries in which this system is currently used:

All types of business, management, marketing, and technology consultants; corporate trainers; business and life coaches; professional speakers; authors; information marketers; fitness trainers; CPAs; bookkeepers; cosmetic surgeons; medical professionals; chiropractors;  physical therapists; insurance agents; financial planners; mortgage brokers; real estate agents; authors; dentists; orthodontists; plumbers; owners of retail shops, catering businesses, printing companies; and many other service businesses!

How do you know this training is for you?

Attract Clients Like Crazy® is for professionals and business owners who are serious about earning a mid six figure, even seven figure income!

Because you'll be making important decisions about how you market and develop your business you need to be someone who has the power to make such decision for your company.

If you currently work for a company and are not in a decision-making position, or are are NOT interested in quickly growing your business and your income this is NOT a program for you.

Here is something interesting...

NOT EVERYONE will qualify to participate! Let me ask you a question:

Can you stand getting paid top fees
for doing what you love, and making
easy money teaching teleseminars
and selling information products?

If you are accepted and you attend the training, in just a few short weeks you will...

  • Have prospects begging to take them on as your next client.
  • Create your own information products - in just days or even only hours instead of weeks or months from now - and quickly start selling them online; making money all day long - even while you travel, have fun with friends and family, or rest and relax.
  • Make $500, $5,000, and more per hour by hosting your own teleseminars from the comfort of your home or office, or making thousands of dollars for just a few days of work teaching full-blown workshops and seminars.
  • Command the expert recognition and status that gets you invited to speak to groups of your potential clients - for free and for a fee.

Plus, what if you could turn each one of those "free" presentations into an immediate $1,000, $10,000 or a bigger windfall in sales of products and new business?!

Seriously - what would you do with
an extra few grand every month?

Would you pay-off your debts? Reinvest in your business? Take a long-overdue vacation? Buy a new house? Drive a car of your dreams? Start a college fund for your kids. Stash the money away for a rainy day. Give it away to your favorite charity? Think of all the nice things you could do for other people you care about. And now you can...

This is not a fantasy! I've done this! Others have done this. And so can you!

Let me show you how:


Develop money and marketing savvy mindset! There is no point in teaching you great marketing and money-making strategies if you are resistant to using them.

Within the first 90 minutes of learning this system you will experience a shift in how you look at your business, promoting yourself, and the value of your work. This will give you a solid platform from which to build your million dollar business.

How to get more leads in a single month than you are now getting in a whole year. You'll know a dozen new, complete lead generation strategies - most of them so simple to use you'll be baffled why you never thought of them yourself.

Plus, you'll get step-by-step instructions how to kick-start your email list to the first 1,000 names - and then explode it to include thousands of leads - all eager to learn and buy from you.

How to make money with your own information products that give you expert status and automatically make you an extra $25,000.00-$250,000.00 a year - even if you are a lazy sack of potatoes! Learning this alone will completely change your business!

You'll know what products will sell, and how to create them in just hours and with spending no more than spare pocket change to start!

How to turn your website into a total client attraction tool. I'm embarrassed to say that six years ago I paid over $4,000 to have my first website built for me. It had all the whistles and bells - the only problem was it never got me a single lead! Please don't make the same mistake!

In my system I'll show you exactly what to put on your site - so it keeps selling your services and products like crazy. Fact is most people grossly overpay to have their sites designed and they still end up with a worthless pile of graphics and text that would put to sleep even the most eager prospect!

You will know which three to five changes you can easily implement right away will immediately turn your website into a money-maker. Plus, you'll know exactly how to build a simple, good-looking site for just pennies on the dollar and then start driving TARGETED traffic to your site in minutes!

How to actually convert more online and offline prospects into highly profitable coaching, consulting, training and speaking opportunities. It's one thing to get a lot of leads - another to turn them into money in the bank! You'd be amazed how many people lose money in this stage of their business!

Systems for more profits. How to link your disconnected marketing tactics and ideas into a profit-generating machine - that makes you piles and piles of cash - month after month!

Yes... You'll GET THIS and a lot more!

Hundreds of service professionals swear investing in  ACLC System
is the best thing they've ever done for their business!


"After Adam's boot camp I went from making $800 with my first teleseminar to making $10,000 in a month in 12 weeks"


I have read every business and marketing book that I could get my hands on. At this point, I probably average reading 4 business and marketing books a month. I've learned more from Adam at the boot camp about creating revenue than all of those books put together.

Last year when I attended the boot camp my twins were only 1 year old and my oldest was only 4 year old. It was not an easy feat to get away for 4 days especially since I don't have extended family in the state but I did it and it was certainly worth it.

I owe my success to going to that one boot camp. What Adam teaches is worth every cent. Thank you Adam!

Sheri Menelli



"Adam has a great way of clearing all the garbage out of the way and creating a clear, precise marketing plan!"

Listen to Lorrie

Hey Adam, I have to tell you, you have a really great way of clearing all the garbage out of the way and creating a clear , precise marketing plan.

I know first hand because it helped me out with mine. You're one of those rare marketers who has the guts to put your clients' businesses under a magnifying glass and hold our feet to the fire. Ouch!

Listen, after working with you I found I have an inner voice that eggs me on without me even trying, to take risks and to not keep myself pigeonholed in my old ways. And that voice is yours, Adam! It's from your encouragement and good advice that my business is taking off as it is. And I thank you so much!

Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero



"I finally created my info-product in a matter of days!"

Listen to Boris

Thanks to Adam's program I was able to create my first info-product in a matter of days, instead of weeks.

End result: last January I was able to take my whole family on a Caribbean vacation and check off the "Being kissed by a dolphin" of my life's to-do list -- magical! Thanks Adam!

Boris Mahovac



"It was life changing! I never met someone who was so knowledgeable about business and so willing to share his knowledge!"

About two years ago I met this amazing guy by the name of Adam Urbanski. He works with entrepreneurs and small business owners to help them build their businesses.

At first I wasn't sure what to make of Adam because he really seemed to know a lot of stuff and he had all this great advice for me. I'd never met someone who was so knowledgeable about business and who was so willing to share his knowledge.

In October 2003 I attended my first two-day workshop with Adam and he BLEW ME AWAY. I learned more in those two days how to build my business than in all my years of research.

To say it was incredible is an understatement. IT WAS LIFE CHANGING. After Adam's workshop I started putting some of his ideas and techniques in place and my business has just taken off!

Michelle Howe



This is the ONLY program designed specifically for service professionals 
where you learn advanced money-making skills and complete, step-by-step
online and offline marketing system ALL IN ONE PLACE!



Watch Just a Few of the Hundreds of Comments
We Have On File from
Our Raving Fans!































Module 1:

How to quickly and affordably
create information products that make you money while you sleep!

This is such an important topic, but amazingly most professionals procrastinate with creating their own information products. That why I will show you, step-by-step, how to package what you know into products that sell - so that you work once and get paid over, and over.

You'll learn:

  • How to make 99% sure your product will sell -before you start creating it!
  • The insider secrets to creating juicy content fast and easy! I will show you my 6x5x2 formula to quickly convert everything you know into a hot-selling product with supersonic speed!
  • What technology you'll need and how to buy it for pennies on the dollar. Find out exactly how to build your own in-house audio recording studio for about a $100! Or outsource all the work for less money than you ever thought possible!
  • How to develop your first info-product in less than a day and without writing a word. Plus you'll find out how to put up a simply webpage - you'll be amazed how easy it is - and start selling your product for $47... $97... or more in just hours!
  • How to sell your products - online and offline. You'll be amazed how simple ideas can help you make good money. You'll find out multiple ways to generate product sales - even if you have a lousy website and get virtually no traffic right now!
  • How to automate your info-product business - from promotion to sending money to the bank - without ever lifting a finger, (even when you sell physical products!)

Finally, I'll teach you a step-by-step model to go from single info-product to an information empire and show you how to turn your $97 audio CD or e-book into a $100,000 a year business.

           Start Creating Your Own Info Products...


Module 2:

How to look like a pro and gain
instant visibility
, credibility and expert status - even if you are
just starting out!

If you are asking “how do I get through the gate keeper to the decision-maker?” you are asking a wrong question! Instead you goal should be to get the decision makers to reach out and talk to you.

Find out...

  • The top 7 questions you should be asking yourself to zero in on the best possible target market for you, and to find out if you even have a chance to money in that market!

  • The simple three-step sequence anyone can follow that will give you instant credibility - even if you are just starting out.

  • Command top fees for your services - stop being a source of cheap labor and never compete on price alone!

  • The most overlooked secret to easily make prospects come to you! Get even the most hard-to-reach decision makers to reach out and invite you in! This little golden-nugget of information will transform your business and put you back in the drivers seat! Amazingly, there are almost no service professionals who are using it right now!

  • Transform your fliers and brochures from dull trashcan-stuffers into emotionally-charged, throat-grabbing, sales-generating marketing weapons that make your phone ring off the hook!

           Click Here to Become a Recognized Expert...


Module 3:

How to get more prospects in a month than you now get in a year.

Prospecting sucks! My idea of a cold call is when prospects call me and ask what it would take to work with me.

Getting a steady flow of potential clients to interact with you is an important part of your marketing system. You'll discover multiple lead generating strategies and see how easy it is to get people lining up to work with you.

Here is what you'll discover at my ACLC Boot Camp:

  • The 5 "secret" elements you must use to make your lead generation strategy work. Frankly, 95% of service professional don't know about this - and that's why they always struggle to get enough clients. After you learn this - you'll finally be in control of your business!

  • How to get a quick influx of ready-to-buy prospects using one of the dozens of strategies I'll reveal to you.

  • How to use direct mail and advertising to drive new business fast without appearing desperate!

    NOTE: Most people don't understand these two strategies. They believe it's too expensive and that it doesn't work. I'll show you why they are wrong and how you can laugh at their ignorance all the way to the bank!

  • How to get invited to speak in front of large groups of your ideal prospects (even if you speak for free I'll show you how to turn those presentations into thousands of dollars in new business - it works every time!)

  • How to piggy-back on the credibility and contacts of more established businesses to get exposed to a large number of ideal prospects fast - and gain instant credibility too!

  • What easy tweaks turn your website into a prospecting goldmine and how to implement them without loosing your shirt to your webmaster!

  • How to quickly build an email list of 1000+ contacts and then explode it to thousand of prospects who look forward to your marketing message - week after week...

  • How to create a structured, automated referral systems that will introduce you to dozen's more of hot new prospects every month!

           Use 17 Ways to Attract More Clients...


Module 4:

="font-weight: 400">

How to follow-up with prospects
and keep-in-touch with clients
and referral partners.

The money is in the follow-up!

Stop! Read that sentence again!

Frankly, it's easy to generate tons of leads and referrals, but staying in touch with them without getting overwhelmed is another story.

At my Boot Camp you'll discover how to:

  • Develop a totally automated follow-up system that connects multiple tactics into one killer "keep-in-touch" strategy that turns more prospects into clients and generates massive referrals!

  • How to double or triple your referrals - I'll show you my brand new "postcard autoresponder" that blows out of the water any other follow-up systems ever developed - it's that good!

  • What four things you must include in all follow-up materials to get prospects to call you and inquire about your services. Less than 3 out of 100 service professionals actually do it - and they are the ones with the massive bank accounts!

  • How to develop 12-month, totally auto-pilot, create-it-once-use-it-forever follow-up system in less than a day - and then never bother with it again even though it will keep selling your products and services 7 days a week, 24 hours a day!

           Automate Your Follow Up & Sales Process...


Module 5:

How to turn more prospects into paying clients (without putting
on a dog-and-pony show!)

Having all the prospects in the world won't make any difference if you can't turn them into paying clients. But the last thing you need is more goofy sales gimmicks that make you feel like a sleazy used-car salesman.

At my ACLC Boot Camp you'll find out:

  • How to obtain sensitive information in an empathetic yet compelling manner and feel like the ultimate trusted advisor - which you are.

  • What you must know before you present your solution or you are guaranteed to lose the sale!

  • Why proposals are a waste of your time! Find out the only time you should develop a proposal and how to structure it so it gets accepted nine out of 10 times.

  • What is the proper sequence of each enrollment conversation. Even if you know nothing about sales, are very timid around your prospects and hate asking for the business - you'll be amazed how easy it is to close the deal when you just put these four elements in the right order!

  • Finally I will share with you how to turn prospects into clients in just minutes with three easy to master questions that will change your life! Frankly, I don't know how I ever talked to prospects effectively before I learned this!

Find Out How to Easily Close Sales!

Module 6:

How to make more money with each client (without becoming
their slave!)

Now that you've got all the clients you can handle, what you do with them and how you do it will make all the difference in how much money you get to put in the bank.

At the Attract Clients Like Crazy Boot Camp you will:

  • Discover how to add profitable coaching programs, workshops, teleseminar-training series and other money making opportunities to your "product mix" so that you can double or triple your business with little marketing expense and effort.

  • Turn daily tasks into a system that's easy to duplicate, leaving your free to add more value to your clients, focused on growing your income, take time off when you want it, and still take more money to the bank.

  • I will walk you through a specific strategy how to turn just one part of your business into an automated million dollar profit center. When you see it, you will be stunned how simple it is and that you haven't though it yourself before!

  • Find out how a simple change I made in my business allows me to get thousands of dollars from people I never even met or talked to - yet they are still some of my happiest clients and they keep coming back to buy more!

  • And this is still only a small part of what you'll really learn!

           Install In Your Business Systems for More Profits!


Frankly, this description doesn't even give justice to everything you will receive at this training. But in order to keep this letter to a reasonable length I just had to omit mentioning a heluva lot valuable resources you will get at the ACLC System! But I do have to mention at least a few main bonuses you will get...

You also get over $6,421 in additional bonuses!

The core ACLC program is the most powerful marketing and money-making training you will ever experience. (Yes, I know it's a bold statement - and I stick to it!)

And, because I'm serious about doing everything I can to help you succeed, I will give you even more useful tools and training and mentoring to ensure you get started fast and quickly implement these new ideas in your business!

The first gift you get from me is two free tickets to my next money-making marketing training event in Orange County, California.

That's right, since you are investing in the ACLC Self-Study System today you will also receive two free tickets to my next marketing and money-making training boot camp. Here you will learn even more advanced, big-money, big-profit generating strategies I, my high-level clients, and my business friends are all using to add hundreds, even millions of dollars in extra profits to our businesses each year! Please note, a small, non-refundable seat deposit of $97 will be needed to confirm your reservation and hold your seat.

This alone is a $3,997 value!


Click to Register

Eight hours of audio mentoring. ($536 value!)

As soon as your registration is completed you will get immediate access to pre-recorded training sessions (you get MP3 audio files and PDF transcripts!) You will immediately start discovering how to make more money in your business. Here are the topics:

How to Develop a Money-Making Mindset; How to Identify, Select, and Quickly Dominate a Profitable Niche; How to Get Paid Clients and Generate Big Profit Windfalls Fast; How to Generate More Leads and Sales With a Kick-Butt Website; How to Use Psychological Triggers to Convert Traffic Into Profits; How to Unleash an Avalanche of New Web Traffic Fast; How to Turn Articles into Web Traffic, Sales, and Clients (2 HOURS)



Let's put you on the fast track to money and success! ($297 value!)

If you ever find yourself lost after taking a training class and asked, "OK, how do I get started now?" than you know the value of this special session.

Both new and established entrepreneurs will find this no-nonsense step-by-step instruction enlightening and motivating. The clear action plan will practically move you into the implementation stage and eliminate any resistance to using these new ideas.



How to craft your own magnetic marketing message. ($297 value!)

Finally find out how to answer the "what do you do" question the right way. Fact is, most people use boring "elevator pitches" that fail miserably!

Discover the step-by-step process to crafting a marketing message that grabs attention and commands response from ideal potential clients.

Then watch in real time as I work with client after client, critique their approach and help them create their own powerful messages that work while explaining why psychology behind the new approach.

Afterwards you will know exactly how to talk about what you do so clearly and so powerfully, your prospects will have only one way to respond - begging you to tell them more!



Print Persuasion Mastery: how to write copy that sells! ($297 value!)

Like it or now, when you are in business - you are in the business of persuading people. And frequently you will have to do it in writing.

In this clinic you will find out simple tricks you can use on your business cards, promotional postcards, fliers, brochures, sales letters, websites - and everywhere else you use print to persuade potential customers to buy from you.

Copywriting is a critical skill you MUST HAVE! At the very least you must be able to tell good copy from bad copy - so even when you hire others to write your sales materials for you, you can judge if they are doing a good job for you.

Copywriting courses sell for thousands of dollars - but this powerful skill clinic is free for all ACLC participants.


"Just Cut, Copy, and Paste" resource disc. (at least $997 value!)

How can a single disc in a plain white envelope be worth thousands of dollars? Because of what's on the disc!

You get a 21-page JV Formula - a step-by-step guide I used in my business to build my list and generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales. You get audio and video recording tools that would have easily cost you $500 to purchase. You get legal agreements that cost me thousands of dollars in attorney fees to have them created. You get a website template (based on a site that converts as much as 72% of the traffic into subscribers!) And a lot more! And all of is neatly organized into a website-like interface. Just pop this CD into your computer and get ready to cut, copy, and paste for more profits in your business!


What Is It Worth to You to Transform Your Business from
Only So-So to Extremely Profitable and a Lot More Fun?

Yes, cost always enters into the picture.

I'm not going to insult your intelligence with goofy sales gimmicks about the price (but in my training I will reveal to you several strategies how the process of setting and revealing your pricing can make or brake the sale)

Let me quickly make one obvious point: If you just act on one of the strategies I'll show you how to add at least $20,000 to your bottom line this year -- completely from thin air -- than even if I asked you to invest $20,000 in my program your actual cost would still be ZERO, right?

Relax, the fee's less than $20,000, and, unless you are a total moron, which I don't think you are, I know you'll make more money using my strategies than just $20,000. In fact, it's just $997 for the digital download version!

Still, I think it's fair I warn you...



In the ACLC System I reveal ALL MY BUSINESS INSIDERS SECRETS - the exact multi-million dollar business model, marketing strategies, the tips, tools and tactics I use right now so that you can quickly start making more money in your business! It's like giving you a turn-key business - and because of that attending the boot camp isn't cheap!

Sure you can go to one of those cheaper events where you'll be forced to listen to a new speaker every 90 minutes or so, each one trying to sell you on their program so afterwards you only end up more overwhelmed by conflicting ideas, confused about what to do next, and with a smaller bank account!

That won't happen at the ACLC. Because you get specific step by step instructions you will follow. There is no guesswork where to start and what to do next - all is clearly laid out for you.

Fact is, that you can search far and wide for another training that reveals so much specific, proven information, and has it organized in a 1-2-3, step-by-step, logical process that leaves you empowered not overwhelmed. You won't find one!

I know that this tuition can seem like a lot of money some people. Maybe it is so for you. But it will actually cost you more in expensive mistakes, lost time and lost opportunities over the next 90 days alone if you chose not to take this program.

Consider for a moment how easily you could make an $5,000 to
$25,000 each and every month if you have the right know how:

  • Getting only one corporate client project for $25,000 or a monthly $5,000 retainer.
  • Attracting just 10 new clients to your high-level, $1,000 a month coaching program I'll teach you how to put together will give you a $10,000 a month income! That's $120,000.00 per year working only a few hours a week! (NOTE: You don't have to currently be a coach or consultant to structure such program)
  • Only 11 sales of your new $497.00 information product would make you over $5,000!
  • Just 30 sales of $197 "seats" at your next teleseminar or workshop would make you almost $6,000!
  • One 60-minute $5,000-a-pop speaking gig (or better yet - turn it into a $15,000-a-pop gig with just one simple strategy - we'll show you how!)

And this is just a tip of the iceberg. Using my system you'll master several easy to implement marketing strategies that - if used - will quickly result in an immediate profit windfalls in your business! All you have to do is take action now.

Marketing and Business Experts Use and Rave About
Adam Urbanski's Attract Clients Like Crazy System®


"Adam gave me a step by step approach to get my message to the marketplace and I jumped from just generating a $1,000 a month to way over 6 figures in 9 months!"

Melanie Benson-Strick, the Entrepreneurs Success Coach, SuccessConnections.com



"The best program for professionals
and solopreneurs - everything you
need to grow your business is
covered here!"

Mitch Carson, Marketing Consultant to Direct Response Marketing Gurus


"If you're interested in learning how to grow your business, or learning how to teach others to grow business, Adam is the person you want to learn from!"

Martin Howey, CEO



"I've never seen any seminar out there where you have a complete step by step, ABC, 123 connect the dots formula. "

James Malinchak, Co-author of two
of the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" books


Here is the MOST IMPORTANT thing to consider about the price of any training...

Even though the tuition is extremely reasonable here is what's really important. If this System was just another set of “tell you what to do” techniques without showing your precisely how to do it… another lightweight program that just leaves you broke and frustrated, it wouldn't matter what the price is. It wouldn't be worth it.

But if you can get started quickly, start attracting more clients, build a list of subscribers and create products to sell to them for big profits, and continue to grow your business year after year using my methods over and over again, what is that worth to you?

I can't put the exact dollar figure on it for you - only you can do that. But I can tell you this could possibly be the best bargain, best investment you'll ever make.

"I would pay at least $1,500 just for the binder!"

Listen to James Malinchak, Co-Author,
"Chicken Soup for the College Soul" and  "Chicken Soup for the Athlete's Soul"

Wow Adam! I'm totally amazed at the information you've put together.

I would pay at least $1,500 for just the binder!...I'm NOT kidding!

You've put a lot of work into this. This is great stuff that anyone can use to explode their business!

What I really love is how you cover just about every aspect of business! You'd have to be crazy not to get this course!

James Malinchak



"The boot camp was worth at least twice
the cost; plus it was fun!"

Listen to Hazel

I've spent thousands and thousands of dollars on marketing workshops and materials yet I was still confused, going round in circles and very frustrated.

Adam's techniques were simple and direct and by the end of the second day of the bootcamp, I very clearly was able to see what I needed to do. By the following week I had recorded a new concept and the six minute CD series was born.

Adam's boot camp was worth at least twice the cost plus it was fun. If you really want to go to the next level and want to get a jump start the bootcamp is an absolute must to attend.

Hazel Palache



So considering that my program is so specific (it's like buying a turn-key business), the real question you need to ask is this:

"Are you serious about growing your business or do you just like to talk about it?"

After all, if you are serious about building a more successful business you'll do whatever it takes to enroll into my program and attend the ACLC System. If you have to give up your expensive cup of Joe a day than be it! Your business is way more important!

Plus, remember, because I really want you to get the results you expect from my program, I will reward for taking action with thousands of dollars worth of bonuses and additional training - so you can start learning immediately after your registration is submitted!

I Want to Give You the Peace of Mind to Confidently Say "YES, Adam, I'm Ready
to Take My Business to the Next Level and I'm Investing in Your ACLC System!"

That's Why Here Is My Simple,
No-Nonsense, Personal Promise:

"You Will Be Absolutely Blown Away by Everything You
Learn, or I Will Give You Back 100% of Your Money Back!"


If you invested four years of your time and $120,000 or your money on Harvard education and you weren't satisfied with it - could you ask for a refund? I don't think so!

So why do I offer such powerful guarantee? It's simple, really. You see, I know if I do what I can to help you made the decision to attend my boot camp, once you are here YOU WILL learn how to make more money in your business. And that's a fact!

And I'm not saying this because I'm arrogant or conceited! I'm saying this because I'm confident in my marketing and money making system and my ability to teach it to you!

Guarantee #1: 30 days satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with the program for any reason, simply let us know and we'll refund your investment. But it gets even better!

"Make 10x Your Investment or the Program is FREE!"

Guarantee #2: If you are willing to give me a good ol' college try and a fair chance to prove that my strategies work I'll offer you this "10 x Your Money" Guarantee:

I'm so confident that what I'll show you is simple to follow and produces results that I'll give you 12 months to "prove me wrong." If within 12 months you don't make at least 10 times your tuition in additional income - I'll give you back your entire registration fee. All I ask is that you show me that you completed implemented and used at least three of my strategies for a minimum of 90 days. Fair?


There will never be a better time to START attracting more clients,
creating hot info-products, getting speaking gigs, making money
online, and finally enjoying life a whole lot more!

If you are serious about growing your business, I urge you to take action now. Invest in the Attract Clients Like Crazy System now and finally take control over your business and your financial future. You'll be glad you did, having new tools and resources, and your personal marketing system in place so that you can grow and prosper without getting overwhelmed.

Here is a quick summary of everything you're getting today:



ACLC Digital Library filled with tutorials, case studies, examples, and checklists. My clients call it their "Marketing Bible" print it out and keep it on their desk ALL THE TIME!  This binder was previously sold separately as a self-study program for $997, but you get it included with your registration.


FREE Two Live Event Tickets! All you need to cover is a small seat reservation deposit - but your tuition is waived! This way you can learn even more marketing and money making strategies, and meet other entrepreneurs to create more resources and support in your business! 
Additional FREE Bonuses worth over $2,424. These include tutorials on persuasive copywriting, a copy of my personal "self-promotion fast-start" guide, the ACLC Resource Disk with legal forms, web templates, and software to help you with your promotional efforts These bonuses aren't sold anywhere else - the only way to get them is to attend the boot camp!


Total Value of the ACLC System and the Bonus Gifts $8,418

Get This Entire Program Today for Just  $997
Or only three equal monthly payments of $360.00

Click Here To Order Now


This is a limited time special offer.
Take Action Now or You Will Miss Out!


Snooze on this and you lose out big time!

I know it's not everyday you get asked asks to invest in such an exclusive training program, but it's because you're willing to do the things that others won't - you can have the quality of lifestyle others can only dream about. Look, if it were easy, everybody would be doing it.

If you've read this far you obviously have a desire to make changes in your life. Realize this - there will never be a better time to work on your business. Something will always hold you back.

If you consider that it will only take one or two clients to recover your investment - it would be a huge mistake not to attend, and I bet three months from now you'd regret you didn't.

Instead, you use my entire system over the next year, so you can learn my marketing secrets, take control of your business, and attract all the clients, profits, fun and freedom profit you desire. You will be glad you did.

I look forward to meeting you at my next live event...

Best of success

Adam Urbanski

P.S. Do something different and get better results. Don't bookmark this page thinking you will come back later. I guarantee you won't. Life will get in the way and months or years later you will still be in the same spot you are right now. Or you can take action now. It is now your turn to make the decision to take that step.

P.P.S - Remember that I take all the risk and you are protected by my 100% money back guarantee if the program doesn't meet YOUR EXPECTATIONS. I hope you'll take advantage of this opportunity before it's gone.






I know you're a smart person and you know that your results are totally up to you - but my lawyer made me put this here: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. The above testimonials are 100% real. The results described ARE NOT typical. In fact they are NOT typical because every person is different - and these testimonials and case studies are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Many of our students participate in additional training and coaching programs with our company as well as invest in other training programs, coaches, and mentors. They also work their butts off to pursue their dreams. Each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.


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